About Me


So this is a little introduction to my Floristry page...

I am Leonie Allardice and I come from Malton in North Yorkshire. I started studying Floristry in 2018 and I am continuing Floristry at the side of my part time job. 

I started to get involved with Floristry when I did my Year 10 work experience in a local florist. This created my passion for Floristry and loved doing it ever since. 

I have done Weddings, Funerals, Corporate and other occasions within the Floristry world and I can't wait to explore more.

I live in Malton with my family and my boyfriend. My hobbies are drinking coffee/tea, watching Netflix or reading random books/magazines. I would lie and say I go jogging or do pilates but I would hate to lie to you all.

So welcome and I can't wait to show you my journey.

Leonie x